A Luxurious & Safe Spa Experience

The Foot and Body Boutique was designed by the podiatrist of Carmel Foot Specialists,P.A. to provide a luxurious experience while maintaining a safe and sterile environment.

Sterile Station

In Our Office

Sterilization Process:

To maintain the ultimate hospital grade level of sterilization, The Foot and Body Boutique utilizes the AUTOCLAVE method on implements, a level far above state requirements, to insure safety. Autoclaves use pressure, steam, and heat to raise the boiling point of water to a temperature that kills all bacteria, fungi, and viruses that can potentially cause infections. This method is the highest level of sterilization available and is effective.

Along with sterilization of the tools, the spa uses one-way piping in the pedicure chairs to eliminate any possibility of recycling water from another client. Every tool not able to be sterilized in the autoclave, like files and polish brushes, are individualized for each client. The Foot and Body Boutique employs Medical Nail Technicians with the highest level of training and licensing. While being completely sterilized, The Foot and Body Boutique offers a luxurious and relaxing environment.